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Well, that’s the very opposite of what HDR is. HDR in photography is, by definition, the action of increasing the dynamics of a scene from several bracketed images. Unfortunately, some software uses the term ‘HDR’ wrongly and even claims to produce ‘single image HDR effects’. That’s nonsense. It is no more than simple tone mapping of an artistic photograph. The aim of MarScaper is to recreate a data set that is as realistic as possible. In order to do that, proper bracketed images are essential.
As I said in my previous answer, the aim of MarScaper is to recreate a data set that is as realistic as possible and that in order to do that, proper bracketed images are essential. Modification via software does not create any data: the under-exposed areas are still under-exposed and the over-exposed areas are still over-exposed. Because the software is based on Exif data it will refuse to load the modified images.
Use of your camera’s raw format or TIFF will guarantee that the data will not have been corrupted, so these are the preferred formats to use.
If you want to retouch your image later, the TIFF format is best, with or without compression. If you’re exporting to the internet, jpeg is recommended but beware of a loss of quality. PNG is usually only used as a second choice when you need to share a photo on the internet without any loss of quality, but it comes at a cost of very large files.
Exif data (Exchangeable Image File) contains information about your photo e.g. aperture, speed, ISO. This data is generated by your camera. If the software can’t find this data, this is probably because you have already processed the images with software that has not saved the data. MarSCaper needs the data to sequence your photos. Therefore, you need to fix the problem.
It’s an inherent problem with the PNG format. It doesn’t store the Exif data.
The MarS part comes from Marchand Sébastien, my pseudonym as a photographer. It’s also a reference to astronomy which is something I’ve been interested in since I was a kid. The caper part comes from the term "landscaper", because to me a photographer is a person who constructs landscapes, whether interior, imaginary, or real and irrespective of the subject of the work.
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